Dahyun (다현) is a South Korean singer under JYP Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group TWICE and is the group's lead rapper.


  • She was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  • Dahyun has an older brother, Myung Soo.
  • In middle school, she performed a solo in a youth dance festival and was scouted by JYP Entertainment.
  • She passed the audition on July 7, 2012, and officially became a trainee.
  • She auditioned for SM, JYP, and YG as the same time and got accepted by all 3 companies, but she chose JYP.
  • Her representative color is White.
  • Dahyun is scared of animals (cats, dogs, etc.).
  • Pre-debut she was very popular due to her Eagle dance video which went viral in South Korea.
  • Her nickname is ‘Tofu’ because of her white skin.
  • She was the most popular during Sixteen.
  • Dahyun chose 7 as her fav. no., because she became a TWICE member on July 7th and because she’s the 7th oldest in TWICE.
  • Dahyun’s favorite drink is chocolate milk. She likes all sorts of milk.
  • Dahyun is a Christian (Weekly Idol, according to Sunggyu).
  • She and Chaeyoung are in charge of washing the dishes at the dorm.
  • She appeared in GOT7‘s “Stop Stop It” MV and Wooyoung‘s “Rose” (Japanese) MV.
  • In the dorm, the maknae line, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu
share a room.
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